Gamificazed loyalty program

Mania — it is a gamificazed loyalty program which we started together with VC «Zenit-Каzan» 3 years ago
It is a marketing product which permits to increase constantly the base of active supporters who regularly use services of this App, take part in different activities, buy the club's and its partners' products and services.

More about Zenomania possibilities:
It is possible to adapt the gamificazed loyalty program for any sport club or league. It is necessary to involve supporters into the process and to communicate with them more often. Services of this mobile App permit to do it constantly transforming the support of the favorite club into a real game.
A big advantage for a club or a league is the integration of the gamificazed loyalty program with the monitoring system Capital System. All data and analytics are in the same place which permits to work with supporters on the most efficient way.
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