Rebranding of FC «Rubin»
«We would like to come back to the champion years and not lay it aside! Since today our players must see how we love them. «Каzan Аrena» must be full each game, the club must have more fans, and kids must play football. For the first time in the club history we have invited a foreign trainer, and it is a big responsibility and a great hope»

Ilsur Metshin
President of FC «Rubin»
A new logo combines the first historical team emblem the patriarch of which was Kazan aviation factory n.a. Gorbunov, the emblem of the year 1996 with which are connected the most important club achievements, аs well as a classical soccer ball dating back to the team's foundation.
A new logo is the absolute successor of the emblem of the year 1996. An identical shape of the shield, green, white and red lines of which form the Republic Tatarstan flag. The year of the club foundation and, of course, the dragon Zilant, the main style element which is the symbol of Kazan.
The dragon's head became more aggressive, and the directions of wings and the tale are the same. By the way, this direction was set by the rocket from the historical team's emblem, almost all straight lines of the sign have the same angle. That is why Zilant became more dynamic and aimed to the attack.
The main emphasis at the type creation for the club name was made on the legibility. The updated type Archive lets read easily the club name on the logo even from a big distance and does not distract attention from the main sign of the emblem – Zilant.
The main style element became a pattern in the form of the dragon Zilant's scale. The scale's shape is completely identical to the shape of the new logo's shield.
This pattern is used in the official club documentation, brand attributes, on tickets and season tickets, аs well as in capacity of a bright detail of the main match kit for the season 2016/17.
The home kit is made in the classical ruby color with the pattern in form of the dragon Zilant's scale and golden elements. Shorts and socks are also ruby with a golden marking.
On the sleeve of all three kits there is a contour of the most famous Kazan landmarks. Such city symbols like Suumbike tower, Annunciation cathedral, Kul Sharif mosque, Spasskaya tower of Kazan Kremlin will be always with the team.
A new club logo was marked by a special volume patch on the away and third kits, and on the home kit it is made in golden color. By the way, logos will be marked by the same technology not only on the players' kit but also for supporters.
On the interior collar of all kits there is a chevron with Zilant from a new logo and with one of the favorite slogans of Kazan fans «We are «Rubin», nobody will stop us!»
We hope that Rubin's fans will like a new logo and we believe that a lot of great events of the club history will be connected with this emblem.