Sellout Sport System — the best agency of the year according to Marspo Awards 2017
13 of April in Moscow the first professional sport marketing award Marspo Awards 2017 took place. Sellout Sport System set the main record of the evening having won in four nominations of the award and having left behind the most popular Russian sport clubs and leagues.

The first award which went to Каzan, had become the nomination «The best design of advertising materials» in the frame of which had won the concept of the advertising campaign «People Z. Defending the city». Kazan «Zenit» volleyball players were represented as superheroes. The second position was taken by the basketball club «Locomotive-Кuban» which had represented the project «Brand of the season 2015/2016», the third one– by Russian hockey Federation for the project «Creative concept development for the branding and advertising campaign of the hockey World Cup 2016».

The second award which went to Каzan, had become the Sellout Sport System's victory in the nomination «The best club TV of the country». The volleyball «Zenit» sounded familiar again because it was namely its youtube-channel which had left behind all other Russian sport teams' club channels. The football «Zenit» was satisfied only by the second position, аnd one more Sellout Sport System's project «Rubin ТV» took the third place of honor.

The activity «The most football class» was the first in the nomination «The best project of work with supporters». This project had been worked out for the football club «Rubin» ranks of which must be joined by several thousands of grownup fans who had started to support the Kazan football team since their school days.

By jury's decision, Sellout Sport System won also in the main nomination of the evening «Аgency of the year» having become the best sport marketing company in Russia.
Also the Kazan company took two second awards — social nets of the volleyball «Zenit» had taken the «silver» in the nomination «The best work in social nets», аnd the project «Zenomania» had lacked a little bit to become «The best mobile App». First positions here were taken by the football «Zenit» and the Continental hockey league. But as for the total number of awards, Sellout Sport System become ahead of everyone:

• Football club «Zenit» — victories in two nominations.
• Continental hockey league — victories in three nominations.
• Sellout Sport System — победа в четырёх номинациях премии MarSpo Awards 2017.