Маtch ТV and Sellout Sport System started up a digital-platform Hypemeter 2018
The day before the World Cupа «Маtch ТV» and the company Sellout Sport System started up a new football digital-platform which does not have any world analogues — HYPEMETER 2018.

HYPEMETER 2018 — it is a unique and ultramodern platform intended to integrate the most various football and quasi football content. The platform works on the basis of the unique methodology «SelloutSMIndex».

HYPEMETER 2018 – it is the unique digital-platform on the subdomen of the site of the TV channel "Маtch ТV" which has all chances to cause a real furor in the area of optimization of a normal user's access to the most actual football content. It is not occasional that this project was realized before such an important event of the football life as FIFA World Cup 2018.

The main target of the new platform – it is a fast collection of data with a further evaluation of all participating national teams' and players' activities in social nets and a further presenting data and the most interesting content online in summary tables HYPEMETER 2018. The platform will search and analyze in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VК and YouTube publications of each player and national team of 32 countries using the most advanced methods of collection and processing of the information. All information on the site will be available in nine languages. Therefore, each football match will not be measured by the number of scored goals, corners and goal opportunities. Thanks to tables HYPEMETER 2018, all Internet users will be able to define leaders according to likes, reposts and comments, аs well as to learn which national team's video collected the most of reviews. Not each fashionable tendency grows to the hype but the realization of the new digital platform of "Маtch ТV" provides all chances for users themselves to be referees who definite the source's popularity.

HYPEMETER 2018 provides an opportunity to any football player to become the Internet star, аnd to spectators not only to follow online forming of the expert opinion, comments and reactions of players themselves, but also to take active part in their idols' support.

HYPEMETER 2018 – it is a huge collection of various video of opportunities and actions of each player and national team, football memes and popular videos. The World Cup promises please fans and spectators every day by bright events, аnd the innovation digital source of "Маtch ТV" and Sellout Sport System will provide each user with unique pictures, the best playing actions and quick monitoring of a large volume of data.

As in HYPEMETER 2018 there is absolutely all the information, this platform will be evaluated by commentators and journalists of all over the world. For the first time in the history of football competitions, the exclusive project of "Маtch ТV" and Sellout Sport System will let them to get immediately the access to the structured account of any football player or to the file of any actual event. Up to now, in order to collect such data, it was necessary to spend a lot of time using regular search systems and to collect individually the necessary information.

HYPEMETER 2018 offers to the source's users to take part in voting following the World Cup's results and to choose amongst players the winner in nominations "Кing of Instagram", "The best action of the World Cup" etc. The most popular posts of voting participants themselves will be also evaluated by prizes.

The project is not limited by Russian speaking users and guarantees the access to the information, comfortable tools for user from all over the world. The subdomen's page is hypemeter.matchtv.ru provides to everyone the maximally full review of FIFA World Cup 2018, аnd all static site's pages (awards, rules etc.) will be available in nine world languages.