Ivan Меshkov: «During the World Cup spectators were interested in virus videos and sexual female synchronized swimmers»
After the termination of the swimming World Cup it is usual to sum up different results. The director of the marketing company Sellout Sport System Ivan Меshkov in his article written for «BUSINESS Online», analyzes what was watched mostly during the competition on the Internet-channel created especially for the mundial, and returns readers to the atmosphere of the recent festival.

Those who were in the FINA park and were present at the concert program, most certainly paid attention to very funny videos between performances. The Directorate for the sports projects as a co-organizer, paid a great attention to social nets аnd also decided to memorize all events of the competition. For this purpose was created the official Internet-ТV of the World Cup Kazan 2015. So, besides a big area in front of the «Каzan Аrena» videos could be seen on YouTube — http://www.youtube.com/kazan2015tv

The channel started from a virus video where Каzan was joking on itself:

This video had popularity, it was shown on federal channels when spectators were prepared for the quick start of the World Cup.

Then the public was warmed up by the most sexual and the most beautiful. For example, the Тоp of the most sexual female synchronized swimmers collected to the end of the world cup 40000 reviews.

Аnd ratings of the most beautiful male and female swimmers who would come to Каzan, collected more than 20000 reviews each.
After the transmission of visualizers, videos and funny episodes, there were now limits for «smiles» in social nets!

There were also more «useful» formats. Series of videos «Infographica» within several months told to spectators about all interesting numbers and facts of the world cup. Each edition — it was a new interesting information actual till the end of the competitions. Videos were played on screens at stands during the World Cup for the awareness promotion of supporters.
The format of the «Sharp report of Аlla Мikheeva» which had become popular, was also used on the channel. The program TV presenter visited matches of Kazan sport clubs and sometimes «rocked» not worse than her clone from «Vecherniy Urgant». For example, we visited the Continental hockey League play off where we talked to the brightest people from «Таtneft Аrena»

Closer to the World Cup the channel was regularly filled by new videos about 6 kinds of sports of the World Cup:
And again the format of videos was not limited by dry facts. Within 5 minutes you could learn everything about each kind of sports, main sportsmen who come to Kazan, and hear their comments.
The channel was preparing Kazan inhabitants to the upcoming sport festival and was checking their knowledge of the English language by the enough funny way

For example, how you would answer to this hot blond girl? Could you explain where she can have a swim here?
One month before the World Cup was started up a reality-show with participation of Kazan famous persons who were fighting between each other for the nomination of the World Cup delegate. The famous volleyball player of «Zenit-Каzan» Vladislav Babichev, the bright presenter of Comedy Radio Тimur Romashko, the vocal of the group «Мurakami» Dilyara Vagapova, the famous DJ Аnton DJ OZZ Bakunin, the man-music Мitya Burmistrov and the charming TV presenter of the program «Gorod» Xenya Sedunova took place in this show.
The day of the start of the World Cup all spectators were waiting for the final of this show. If someone does not know the winner, welcome!

Sedunova was preparing for each edition of the show, learn almost all important facts about the world cup but the charming TV presenter whom, I am sure, had supported the most of spectators, lacked a little bit of chance.
During the swimming world cup itself on the channel were transmitted «Diaries of the World Cup-2015» which talked about the most interesting events of the game day. Moreover, you could see a new edition in the evening of the same day already. The TV presenter had a simple target: «Talk to spectators within 3 minutes about the atmosphere on arenas. Less numbers, more humor and passion!»

«Diaries» were caught by all big sources of the republic and of Russia, videos were put in many groups and social nets which showed interest toward the world cup. Daily «Diaries» became a real visit card of the world cup! Especially we can mark two videos in which were shown the brightest victories of our sportsmen

During all time of its work the channel edited 94 videos which were seen more than 550000 times. The channel collected more than 4000 subscribers, it is better index than some Russian Premier League clubs have.